Emma Dudley
About Education University of California, Los Angeles Major: Film, Television, and Digital Media Concentration: Screenwriting Minor: English Dean's List Film & Television Department Valedictorian Work Experience Thirteen Reasons Why Costume Office Production Assistant Assist Costume Supervisor with script breakdowns and accounting Help Costume Designer with styling of series regulars, cast, and background Comedy Central Talent & Development Intern Covered executives' desks, heavy phones and script coverage Set up conference rooms for meetings and greeted talent NBCUniversal Cable Networks Scripted Programming Intern Rolled calls and set meetings for five scripted programming executives Wrote up development comments for incoming cuts, dailies, and drama scripts Conan Monologue Intern Covered for Monologue Writers' Assistant and organized jokes for Conan O’Brien’s review Wrote joke set-ups and provided research on current events The CW Alternative Programming Intern Covered desk of SVP of Alternative Programming by answering phones and scheduling Attended pitches for new unscripted comedy formats and took notes 51 Minds Entertainment Development Intern Created weekly pitches for unscripted show ideas and tested out potential formats Assisted scripted department with coverage and relevant research Overbrook Entertainment Development Intern Covered reception Heavy script coverage on drama pilots and feature scripts