Emma Dudley
Current Writing Projects The Shower | feature film A ragtag gang of moms must battle a Mexican cartel to save their pregnant best friend. Comps: Bridesmaids, Trainwreck Plaid Girls | half-hour pilot When a model student is expelled for her involvement in her troublemaker boyfriend's crime, her overbearing parents ship her off to a boarding school for troubled girls. The cheerful optimist must fight to survive and connect with others in a world that just got a whole lot badder. Comps: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Jesse First Class President | half-hour pilot A driven, overachieving female biracial student is thrilled to beat out the high school’s dumb, Ivy League-legacy golden boy for the junior class presidency, but quickly realizes the challenges that come with democracy, leadership, and young womanhood. Comps: Jessie, Veep Analog Babes | half-hour pilot A rebellious young woman wakes up as her college-aged mom's roommate in 1980s Philadelphia, where she must figure out the rules of her new world, coexist with her mom, and break into the alternative music scene as the drummer in their band. Comps: Broad City